Android Apps

We have developed and published a number of apps for use on Android based smart phones.  The include the following:

Bubbles & SnakesBubbles & Snakes Game for Android
We have just released a new game called Bubbles & Snakes. The objective is simple: pop the bubbles while avoiding the snakes. Quite addictive to play, things start out fairly easy with only bubbles appearing in the first level. Things quickly get more challenging in the second and third levels when the snakes arrive.Read More

Gas Price Converter Android AppGas Price Converter
Do you often travel from Canada to the United States? Ever wished you had an easy way to find the Canadian equivalent of a US gas price? What does $3.29 USD/gallon work out to in Canadian dollars per litre? How does the exchange rate affect things? Now you can quickly and easily find out with the US/Canadian Gas Price Converter for Android. If you have an Android based smart-phone, for just $0.99 CAD you can purchase the App that will figure it out for you.Read More

PMS Monitor for MenThe PMS Monitor for Men
Designed to help men make a little more sense of life. Tracks menstrual cycle and alerts you to upcoming mood changes in those you love. Highly configurable because every woman is different.Read More

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